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Sunbathing Tips that will Save Your Skin

Posted in Accommodation @ May 13th 2016 12:42pm - By Administrator
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Sunny days call for more quality outdoor time with your family and friends, but the sun can also prove to be your greatest enemy. Any holiday goer cannot escape the scorching heat and the health hazards it may pose. But no worries, all you need is to sport great sunbathing habits that will spare you from visiting the hospital.

Jumpstart your day by drinking sufficient amounts of water. Ideally, drinking  eight to ten glasses of water is healthy for your body. People who scrimp on water run a higher risk of getting dehydrated, heat cramps, and heat stroke.

Normally, our skin burns after 10 minutes once it is exposed to the sun. To avoid this, use lotions, creams, and hair conditioners with sun protection factor (SPF) technology to sunproof your skin for a certain period of time while you are outdoors. Also, don’t put on makeup or spritz on perfumes when you are headed out because your skin may react differently once these chemicals are exposed to the sun.

If you find that you’ll be spending more time outdoors, reapply sunscreen and wear your coverups - like shades, hats, sarongs, share an umbrella with your buddy, and take shade whenever you can. Your skin is the most delicate part of your body, so please do yourself a favour and take care of it at all times.

Sporting simple habits we’ve just mentioned above can save you from the long-term effects of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Say no to premature wrinkling and skin cancer by saying yes to these reminders.

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